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Paulina Sedlak-Jakubowska


frontend developer


WCAG 2.0 compliance

Enterprise landing-page building platform

2020 - 2021, Warsaw, Poland

I conducted an internal audit of a landing page building platform against WCAG 2.0 compliance. I created a compliance roadmap with a list of recommendations and technical specification. As a member of the development team I implemented new features and accessibility adjustments. Finally, I created an in-house video tutorial on how to use our platform to create accessible landing pages.

Enterprise blog

Marketing blog

2020, Warsaw, Poland

I set up the blog with the Gutenberg editor on a WordPress website. I integrated the CMS editor with the company UI library to allow using predefined styles. On the frontend I created modular components with subtle interactions for images & text hovers, and reading lenght counter.

Enterprise WordPress website

Marketing website

2020, Warsaw, Poland

As a sole frontend developer, I developed a highly responsive website. I implemented a design based on 8-point grid, subtle user interactions, and font smooth-scaling based on viewport width.

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