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Paulina Sedlak-Jakubowska


frontend developer

Hi! My name is Paulina. I am a self-taught frontend developer. Since 2017, I have been involved in various projects creating landing-pages, websites and web applications. Since 2020, I have been working on an enterprise Angular application, as one of the two frontend engineers. I do not shy away from learning new frameworks or content management systems. I also help out with backend related topics and QA processes.

I've been a volunteer at a non-profit, where I organized youth camps, workshops, and trainings, leading educational exercises on human rights, diversity, sustainable development, and peaceful conflict resolution. I've also co‑organized PyLight Waw, a beginner‑friendly Python meetup and Django Girls Warsaw, a free programming workshops for women.

I'm passionate about interior design and minimalism. On my perfect day off I would sit on the balcony, with a book in hand and my dog nearby.

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